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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Santa Cruz

My Mission

is to provide integrative, human-centered care for lasting relief of pain and pelvic health symptoms.

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"With Amelia’s help I have been able to regain continence and confidence. Through her physical therapy knowledge, creative thinking, and excellent communication, Amelia’s approach both complemented my active lifestyle and taught me much about myself. I am truly grateful for her help and recommend her highly."

Imagine if...

  • Your healthcare provider had the time to listen to your whole story. 

  • Your plan for healing considered all aspects of your health from the physical and emotional to nutritional and hormonal. 

  • Your provider partnered with you offering guidance & accountability, but honored your unique needs and ideas on what matters most to you 

  • The path to healing your complex health issue could be broken into simple, approachable action steps. 

  • You had the power to regain the physically active, vibrant lifestyle you've been dreaming of, but aren't sure where or how to start. 

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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Santa Cruz

How may I help you?



Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Treatment of pelvic floor conditions for people of all genders, pregnancy-related health conditions, & Pilates/yoga based movement therapy for pelvic floor conditions.


Menopause Mastery Program 

1-on-1 and small group coaching options designed for those navigating perimenopausalmenopausal 

Physical Therapy Santa Cruz


Orthopedic Physical Therapy & Pain Care

Treatment of orthopedic conditions and complex, persistent pain from an integrative approach including intelligent movement strategies,  mindfulness/meditation, nutrition, sleep hygiene, and more. 


1-on-1 Integrative Wellness Coaching 

1-on- 1 coaching in lifestyle medicine catered to your individual health needs and desired goals. Virtual & in-person options available. 

Physical Therapy Santa Cruz

We believe that healing can look & feel different. 

Amelia Foster Physical Therapy combines a unique blend of integrative physical therapy & wellness coaching. This approach stems from a core belief in addressing complicated health issues from the root source, rather than only focusing on the physical body and structure.  We believe that there is incredible healing power that comes from practicing consistent principles: 

  • Moving your body often with a rich variety of movement patterns and challenges 

  • Eating whole foods and knowing what nutrition strategies work best for you and this season of your life 

  • Regulating your nervous system with strategies to reduce pain, stress, & support hormonal balance 

  • Partnering with providers who are willing to listen, guide and support you along your journey

  • Actively seeking joy, connection, and FUN as you navigate your health and learn more about your complex, amazing human body! 


Step One: 
Book a Free Discovery Call

In this call, we'll get to know one another, learn more about what you're seeking help with, and answer any questions you have about what our work together might look like. If it feels like the right match, we'll book our first visit together. 


Step Two: 
Your First Consulation

Your first consultation will be a deep dive investigation into your health & what barriers have been restricting your progress.  We'll take time to hear your full story & discuss your personal vision and goals for your future health.  You'll leave with a clear plan of action, and some simple first steps. 


Step Three: 
Start Putting Your Plan into Action 

During follow up sessions, you'll begin to see your full plan be put into action.  From prescribing a therapeutic movement practice to making nutritional shifts, to exploring strategies for boosting motivation and accountability- the emphasis of each session may shift, but will evolve into a plan of care that considers you as whole person and ends in a truly healthy life you're proud to live. 

Pelvic Floor Santa Cruz

Here's How It Works

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I'm Amelia.

Physical Therapist, Wellness Coach, Outdoor Enthusiast, & Anatomy Nerd 

I bring over a decade of experience as a physical therapist, extensive training as an integrative health coach, yoga & Pilates instruction, therapeutic bodywork, and a whole lot of passion to delivering a more holistic and human-centered form of healthcare.  Specializing in the areas of pelvic health & chronic pain, I love the fascinating and complex puzzle of working towards healing from multiple dimensions of health. Each patient's story is unique, and that means their path to healing will be as well. With my training and experience, I believe I can be a trustworthy guide, but YOU are the expert in your body and mind.  Together, we'll work together to navigate the journey towards a stronger, more resilient, and truly healthy you. 

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