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1-on-1, personalized & integrative physical therapy for people with orthopedic injuries and chronic pain

  • Pilates & Yoga-based therapeutic movement prescription

  • Skilled bodywork including myofascial release & visceral manipulation

  • Nervous system-informed pain care 

  • Guidance in lifestyle medicine to reduce pain and promote healing

Amelia Foster physical therapist


Integrative Physical Therapy is a whole-body and whole-systems approach to healing pain and injuries.  Traditional western medicine too often provides an over-simplified understanding of healing that discounts the incredible complexity of our human physiology.  Newer research shows that the health of our minds and nervous system, the nourishment we put into our bodies, having a balance of healthy movement & deep rest, and the way we understand and even think about our pain all influence our capacity for healing. 


An integrative approach to physical therapy recognizes this and works with you to find ways to support your healing from all directions! 

Myofascial release Santa Cruz

What does integrative physical therapy & pain care include? 

Holistic assessment & thorough investigation of your health history to identify all factors that might be impacting your healing

Individualized movement prescription that includes Yoga & Pilates based exercise, along with traditional strength & conditioning 

Therapeutic bodywork that focuses on specialized techniques such as myofascial release and visceral manipulation

Lifestyle medicine guidance such as nutrition planning, breathwork, meditation & mindfulness practices, and pain relieving biohacks

Exploring how we can turn technology into a healing partner through biofeedback and monitoring key health markers such as Heart Rate Variability to keep you on the right track and stay motivated along the path to healing! 

How It Works


Yes, the process really works!

"I came to Amelia after a decade of lower back + hip tightness that shifted into nearly debilitating nerve pain. You can imagine that so many years of use, abuse, and not listening to my body compounded my issues into something greater than a single origin of pain. Amelia has been incredibly supportive during this journey and is constantly innovating to get to the root of my issue. She has completely changed my perspective on what a great PT embodies."

Back pain Santa Cruz

Frequently Asked Questions

It's when we start working together that real healing takes place. 

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