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Personalized coaching in exercise programming, nutrition, mindset, balancing movement with deep rest, and more...

Health Coaching Santa Cruz

Private Coaching Packages


"Strong Start" 

3 months of 1-on-1 coaching with 1 hour sessions every other week

Perfect for people seeking help creating a concrete action plan and solid start to make meaningful changes to their health

What does health coaching include? 

  • Guidance creating a plan for long term goals, and simple, short-term action steps to conquer your health challenges 

  • Holistic consideration of your health needs from nutrition, physical activity, mindset & motivation, sleep/rest, hormonal health and nervous system regulation

  • Built-in accountability partner to help you stay on track, focused and committed to attaining your goals 

  • Access to exercise programming, nutrition planning, mindfulness & meditation practices, & guidance in lifestyle medicine 

  • Training in using wearables and other tracking measures to give clear feedback on your progress and keep your motivation high!

What's the "Strong Start" Program? 

The "Strong Start" Program is a shorter term wellness coaching program that is designed to help you initiate solid health habits, create a clear plan and prioritize the most crucial changes to make first. 
What is included in the program:
  • 3 months of 1-on-1, 1 hour Zoom Calls every other week (6 total sessions)

  • Unlimited Access to mindfulness/meditation practices,  guided exercise videos, & recipes 

  • All sessions personalized to YOU and guided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Why try health coaching?!

If you're tired of trying, but failing, to follow the "good advice" from your healthcare providers, starting but not sticking with online programs, or knowing you need to make a change in your health but feeling overwhelmed with where to start... this program is for you! 

The profession of health coaching is relatively new, and we're starting to realize its importance in filling a key void in our current healthcare model. For years, healthcare providers have been giving well-intentioned "advice" on things like diet, exercise and stress management. The problem is providers often don't have the crucial time or skills to actually help you implement those changes into a busy life- especially in a world where the healthiest choices are often not cheap, easy or convenient. It turns out that making health change is REALLY HARD for most of us, but choosing to work with a health coach means you don't have to do it alone. Together, we'll design a plan you can stick with, feels meaningful to you, and encourages finding joy, compassionate accountability, and connection along the way. 

Simple 3-Step Plan to Get Started!


Yes, the process really works!

"Amelia’s coaching support has been stellar in supporting my slow recovery from a concussion. Her approach in addressing all aspects of health has been so much more useful than my experience with other providers. Her empathy, sense of humor, and amazing skill are such a phenomenal combination."

Santa Cruz Health Coach
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