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1-on-1 pelvic floor physical therapy focusing on providing a personalized and integrative approach to healing pelvic health conditions

Pelvic Health Rehabilitation catered to people with bladder leaking, pelvic pain, pregnancy and postpartum conditions, pelvic organ prolapse and bowel problems

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Santa Cruz

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy? 

        While awareness is growing about the importance of the pelvic floor, many people are unfamiliar with exactly where and what these incredible muscles do, and when you might want to seek help from a pelvic floor physical therapist. The pelvic floor is a complex team of muscles with MANY roles in our body's functions ranging from continence control, sexual function, core muscle engagement, and support of our pelvic organs.  Pelvic floor physical therapy is a speciality that requires that therapist to have specific training to help patients heal these symptoms. Pelvic floor conditions have been recognized to be incredibly prevalent in people of all genders and in all seasons of life. 

Pelvic floor physical therapy might be for you if...

You've experienced bladder or bowel leaking that isn't resolving. Leaking is incredibly common, but not something you have to suffer with! 

You've been diagnosed or are suspicious of pelvic organ prolapse. Common symptoms include a sensation of heaviness, ache, cramping or extra tissue in the vaginal area. 

You experience pelvic pain during sex, use of tampons, or other penetration. Too much tension in the muscles of the pelvic floor and hormonal imbalance can lead to pain and discomfort during these activities. 

You experience sacroiliac, tailbone, low back or hip pain. Muscular issues with the pelvic floor can lead to pain in all of these areas! 

You want to be proactive in learning more about an incredibly important part of your body that many of us are unfamiliar with! 

Pelvic Floor Santa Cruz


Feel physically & emotionally resilient throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey 

Amelia Foster Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Santa Cruz


Perinatal physical therapy focuses on a mother's journey throughout pregnancy and postpartum recovery. While many conditions overlap with those of pelvic floor physical therapy listed above, there are some conditions that are typically unique to the perinatal woman such as Diastasis Recti, birth-related injuries, pubic symphysis pain, and other pelvic instability). 


Your perinatal care plan should be designed to help you navigate the highs and lows and maximize your comfort and health through all phases. Physical therapy can be incredibly effective for both treatment and prevention of a variety of symptoms and conditions. 


When possible, we recommend initiating care during early pregnancy to help guide you through the challenges and questions that arise over the course of your pregnancy, and start your journey off on the right foot! 

Pregnancy Santa Cruz

Let's Change
Your Pregnancy 
& Post-Partum Experience For the Better.

Your Perinatal Health plan will focus on supporting overall health & wellness in all phases of pregnancy & postpartum, as well as treatment of symptoms as they arise.

Treatment of Diastasis Recti (or "mommy tummy") including retraining the whole core muscle system

Optimizing bladder function & relieve leaking!

Fitness and Exercise Guidance through pregnancy & postpartum recovery so you know when to modify and when it's safe to take on a challenge

Labor & Delivery Preparation including choosing optional labor/birth positions, prepping the pelvic floor for birth, partner support & breathwork 

Posture & Body Mechanics to reduce pain and improve core function including ultrasound assessment for direct biofeedback on proper core muscle engagement 

How It Works


Yes, the process really works!

"I started seeing Dr. Foster during my pregnancy to prepare for birth and then postpartum to help with my pelvic floor. She addressed my concerns thoroughly and I felt very comfortable in her care. She helped me work towards my goals of getting back into running by keeping me motivated and helping me find ways to work in exercises while caring for a newborn. I am immensely grateful for her compassionate care!" 

Pregnancy Health Santa Cruz

Frequently Asked Questions

It's when we start working together that real healing takes place. 

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