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Menopause Mastery Program 

Combining the knowledge of pelvic floor physical therapy with lifestyle medicine coaching to offer a holistic approach for women navigating menopause

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The Menopause Mastery Program combines in-person pelvic floor physical therapy assessments AND virtual wellness coaching sessions in order to holistically address the complexities of the menopause journey.  Navigating the journey from perimenopause through menopause can look incredibly different for different individuals.  This journey can include a frustratingly wide variety of symptoms for a range of timelines from months to 10-15 years.  Some symptoms of these hormonal shifts such as hot flashes and irregular menstruation are commonly known and recognized. However, many women also experience more ambiguous, and often more distressing symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, mood and nervous system dysregulation, changes in mental clarity and attention, stubborn weight gain, vaginal dryness and pain, bladder problems, and onset of cardiovascular, blood sugar, and bone health related conditions.  In spite of the challenges that can arise during this phase, there is SO MUCH you can do to be proactive and truly take charge of your health to gracefully and powerfully navigate this season of life! 

Pelvic floor Santa Cruz

The Menopause Mastery Program might be for you if...

The Menopause Mastery Program will include both pelvic floor physical therapy assessments (in-person), and a series of virtual wellness coaching sessions- all specific to the perimenopausal or menopausal woman. 


This program might be for you if you are experiencing...

Subtle, or not-so-subtle, changes in your menstrual cycle such as irregular timing or heaviness of bleeding

Stubborn weight gain, especially around your middle, that doesn't seem to respond to your "old strategies" of losing weight through diet and exercise

Difficulty sleeping including getting to sleep, staying asleep, or suspected changes in your quality of sleep 

Mental health issues, mood dysregulation, feeling like you are less resilient to daily stressors 

Vaginal dryness and/or pain, bladder or bowel leaking or increased urgency or frequency 

Cognitive changes such as changes in short-term memory, ability to focus or be attentive, or difficulty with word-finding 

New diagnoses after the age of 35 in the areas of blood sugar regulation, blood pressure, heart health, or bone health 

How It Works

It's when we start working together that real healing takes place. 

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