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Hey there!
I'm Amelia 

Physical therapist, wellness coach, outdoor enthusiast and anatomy nerd. 

My passion is helping people with pelvic health conditions and chronic pain navigate their journey towards true health and healing.

My Mission

My mission is to provide highly personalized, 1-on-1, integrative physical therapy and wellness coaching that focuses on optimizing pelvic health and healing persistent pain. 


My Journey

My path to become a physical therapist was initially inspired by witnessing my beloved grandma work tirelessly, under the patient encouragement of her physical therapists,  to recover from a stroke when I was 9.  My interest deepened further when I became a physical therapy patient myself after tearing my ACL during my senior basketball season. Heartbroken over not being able to finish my last season in my favorite sport, my therapist helped me look towards the positive and focus on the aspects of my recovery I could control.  Finally, it was my own long struggle with chronic pelvic pain that led me to dive into the specialities of pelvic health and chronic pain.  It was learning about these often complex specialities, and some of my favorite forward thinking professors at the University of Miami, that sparked an interest in approaching physical therapy from an integrative, holistic perspective.  In the end, the common thread in all aspects of my journey wasn't rooted in a specific diagnosis or sport, but in the opportunity to a part of a profession that helps people heal wholly in body, mind and spirit. 

Anyone who knows me well would describe me as an endlessly curious lifelong learner- especially when it comes to the human body!  In my pusuit of shifting the traditional physical therapy paradigm, I've furthered my education and training as an integrative health coach, pelvic health, yoga & Pilates instructor, and specialized bodywork such as myofascial release and visceral manipulation. I enjoy the challenge of digging into the true root of health issues, and the profound reward that comes seeing my patients fall back in love with movement and their bodies. 


What lights me up


My roots are in rural Indiana but I fell head over heels for the west coast while working here as a travel therapist in 2015.  


My dog, Mabel, is the my favorite "large and in charge" lady! She's got the best personality and has traveled the country with me making lots of friends and memories along the way. 


I love ALL things outdoors in the Santa Cruz area from surfing to mountain biking, scuba diving and beach volleyball. 


I'm a true nerd at heart- especially when it comes to the human body! I eat health & wellness podcasts and books for breakfast, and am always planning my next training. 


My husband, Petter and I got married under the redwoods in Felton, CA in 2022. We've had a lot of adventures in our life together and are now beginning our biggest yet with the birth of our first little one, Soren. 

Santa Cruz Physical Therapy

What's on my bookshelf? 


"The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness"
Sy Montgomery 


"Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience"

Brené Brown


"Women, Food, and Hormones"

Sara Gottfried, MD


"Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform your Sex Life" 

Emily Nagoski, PhD


"The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science" 

Norman Doidge, MD


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

550 Water Street 

Santa Cruz, 95060

Building I, Suite 4

Private treatment space working alongside Arrive Reproductive Medicine on Tu/Th/Fri

In the Water Street location, I conveniently share space with acupuncturists and chiropractors focusing in the area of women's health. Unlike the Monarch Pilates location, this space will not have Pilates equipment. Instead, we'll focus on body work, yoga, and movement modalities that can be performed with minimal equipment and easily incorporated into your home programming.  


550 Water St. is conveniently located to be accessed from either the east or west side of Santa Cruz county.  There is plenty of free parking in the associated lot next to the entrance. 

Monarch Pilates, Pleasure Point

4125 Portola Drive

Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Private treatment space located within Monarch Pilates studio on Mondays & Wednesdays 

Physical therapy at Monarch Pilates allows for a unique experience blending hands-on bodywork and use of Pilates apparatus for movement re-education.  If desired, treatment plans often include working in conjunction with Monarch's skilled Pilates instructors in the form of 1 on 1 Pilates and/or small group classes to augment our work in physical therapy sessions. 


You can learn more about Monarch's comprehensive approach to wellness, scheduling options, and team members by visiting

Free parking available in the lot behind Verve Coffee, or in the large lot on Portola just across the street. 

Pilates Physical Therapy Santa Cruz
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