Working Outdoors

In the rapidly changing world of of technology, options for telehealth have become readily accessible, and physical therapy is no exception! While telehealth physical therapy excludes the option for hands-on modalities, it offers other unique and somewhat surprising advantages. 

  • Telehealth therapy can be conveniently accessed from any distance or location (assuming you have wifi).  Going on a vacation or work trip and want to keep up with your sessions? Cutting down on a long commute or unable to drive to an appointment due to your injury? Simply prefer staying in the comfort of your own home? No problem! 

  • Remote therapy encourages both the patient and therapist to maximize patient autonomy and self-healing practices utilizing the tools and equipment they already have in their own home.  While manual therapy and fancy exercise equipment can be wonderful tools in recovery, learning how to truly be your own healer (with your therapist as your guide), is EVEN more powerful! In fact, research has found telehealth physical therapy to be equally effective to in-person sessions. 

  • Running late or feeling under the weather? Avoid late cancellations and missing your appointment by shifting onto telehealth.