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Wondering if Wellness Coaching is the right option for you?

Have you ever...

  • Been given "good" advice from a healthcare provider but didn't know how to actually make the change in your real life?

  • Felt frozen, overwhelmed, or given up on a health goal because you didn't know where to start?

  • Felt guilty for not doing "all the things" you know would help you be healthier/happier/in less pain, etc.?

  • Attempted 100 different "remedies" or programs but lost motivation before you got to the end result?

If you answered, YES...

CONGRATULATIONS, you're a human being!


​For far too long, well-meaning healthcare providers (myself included), fitness pros, and "Dr. Google's" have been offering wonderful advice on fixing all of our health issues if we only do "x, y, z".   The problem with this is, we're set up to fail because...

  • We often don't have enough time with our providers to truly understand the "why" and "how"

  • It's information OVERLOAD and it turns out that our brains aren't good at making lots of changes all at once

  • Our lives are already too busy, stressful, and complicated. Who has the time or energy to figure it all out?

  • We don't have a concrete plan to help keep us motivated, on track, and focused 

       The Good News? 

There's a better way, and you don't have to do it on your own! Wellness coaching is designed to help you break down the complicated & overwhelming, create a plan you can stick with (and who knows, you might actually enjoy!) and hold you compassionately accountable to yourself to make positive changes in your health & life. TOGETHER, we'll create a plan, troubleshoot the hang-ups, strategize ways to stay on track, keep things fresh, fun & creative, and most importantly, put you in the driver's seat of your health choices. Health coaching is not about telling you what to do- it's a partnered agreement to help you dig deep into what you want for your life, identify what habits & patterns aren't working for you, and explore what truly motivates you to make healthy changes! 

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

While awareness is growing about the importance of pelvic floor, most people are surprised to learn that the pelvic floor has many crucial roles in our body's functions ranging from continence control, sexual function, core muscle engagement, and support of our pelvic organs.  Pelvic floor conditions have been recognized to be incredibly prevalent in both men and women in all ranges of life. Fortunately, many conditions can be successfully treated through conservative management including physical therapy. ​


Common conditions that can benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy include (but are not limited to)

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